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Items with "Miller, Marvin" as Credited Author


1. Codemaster Book #1
2. Codemaster Book #2

Scene of the Crime

1. Death Comes to Dinner
2. The Skeleton Returns


1. T*A*C*K Secret Service
2. T*A*C*K Into Danger
3. T*A*C*K Against Time

Who Dunnit?

1. How to be a Detective in Ten Easy Lessons

You Be the Detective

1. You Be the Detective
2. You Be the Detective II

You Be the Jury

Best of You Be the Jury
You Be The Jury: Special
1. You Be the Jury
2. You Be the Jury: Courtroom II
3. You Be the Jury: Courtroom III
4. You Be the Jury: Courtroom IV