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Atama iiBooks

6. Immortal Empire

Choose Your Own Adventure Graded Reader Series

The Destiny Device (Graded Reader) (adaptation)
Exiled to Earth (Graded Reader) (adaptation)
The Gorillas of Uganda (Graded Reader) (adaptation)
House of Danger (Graded Reader) (adaptation)
Mystery of the Maya (Graded Reader) (adaptation)
Project UFO (Graded Reader) (adaptation)
Race Forever (Graded Reader) (adaptation)
School of the Living Dead (Graded Reader) (adaptation)
Search for the Yeti (Graded Reader) (adaptation)
The Secret of Stonehenge (Graded Reader) (adaptation)
Task Force: U.N. (Graded Reader) (adaptation)
The Treasure of the Onyx Dragon (Graded Reader) (adaptation)

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