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Person - Holmes, Andy R.

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Items with "Holmes, Andy R." as Credited Author

Bedlam (1 edition)
Beneath the Temple of the Storm God (2 editions)
Castle Death (1 edition)
Dark Harbour (1 edition)
Deliamber's Delight - Level 2 (1 edition)
The Dungeon of the Demon Mage (1 edition)
Escape from the Vampyre's Crypt (2 editions)
The Eye of the Serpent (1 edition)
The Gauntlet (1 edition)
The Halls of the Gorgon (1 edition)
The Haunting of Tilford's Hollow (1 edition)
The Hidden Halls of Ogul-Duhr (1 edition)
The Ice Cavern of Isahil (3 editions)
Sideshow (3 editions)
Tavern by the Sea (1 edition)
The Tavern by the Sea: Special Edition (1 edition)
Treasures of the Mummy Queen (1 edition)
The Vaults of K'Horror (1 edition)
Wytches (1 edition)