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Person - Leibold, Jay

Pseudonym For: Montavon, Jay

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Items with "Leibold, Jay" as Credited Author

The Antimatter Formula (1 edition)
Beyond the Great Wall (1 edition)
Fight for Freedom (1 edition)
Grand Canyon Odyssey (1 edition)
The Lost Ninja (2 editions)
Ninja Avenger (1 edition)
Ninja Cyborg (1 edition)
Prehistoric Island (2 editions)
Return of the Ninja (4 editions)
Revenge of the Russian Ghost (1 edition)
Sabotage (3 editions)
The Search for Aladdin's Lamp (1 edition)
Secret of the Ninja (5 editions)
Secret of the Ninja (Graded Reader) (1 edition)
Spy for George Washington (1 edition)
Surf Monkeys (2 editions)
Treasure Hunt (1 edition)
You Are a Millionaire (3 editions)