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Items with "Schmidt, William (Bill)" as Credited Illustrator

Choose Your Own Adventure (1979-1998)

52. Ghost Hunter (original cover)
141. The Secret of Mystery Hill (cover)
148. Master of Judo (cover)
150. Who Are You? (cover)
152. War with the Mutant Spider Ants (cover)
160. The Computer Takeover (cover)
166. Master of Aikido (cover)
177. Killer Virus (cover)
182. Fugitive (cover)

Choose Your Own Adventure for Younger Readers

33. Haunted Harbor
42. Light on Burro Mountain (cover)
43. Home in Time for Christmas (cover)
44. You See the Future (cover)
45. The Great Zopper Toothpaste Treasure (cover)
46. A Day with the Dinosaurs (cover)
47. Spooky Thanksgiving (cover)
48. You Are Invisible (cover)
50. Stranded! (cover)
52. The Enchanted Attic (cover)

Choose Your Own Nightmare (1995-1997)

1. Night of the Werewolf
2. Beware the Snake's Venom
3. Island of Doom
4. Castle of Darkness
5. The Halloween Party
6. Risk Your Life Arcade
7. Biting for Blood
8. Bugged Out!
9. The Mummy Who Wouldn't Die
10. It Happened at Camp Pine Tree
11. Watch Out for Room 13
12. Something's in the Woods
13. The Haunted Baby
14. The Evil Pen Pal
15. How I Became a Freak
16. Welcome to Horror Hospital
17. Attack of the Living Mask
18. The Toy Shop of Terror

Find Your Fate Junior - The Transformers

1. Dinobots Strike Back
2. Battle Drive
3. Attack of the Insecticons
4. Earthquake
5. Desert Flight
6. Decepticon Poison
7. Autobot Alert!
8. Project Brain Drain
9. The Invisibility Factor