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Items with "Valusek, Valerie A." as Credited Illustrator

1 on 1 Adventure Gamebooks

3. Revenge of the Red Dragon
v. 3, no. 1. You Are Flametongue, An Ancient Red Dragon
v. 3, no. 2. You Are Raven Quickblade, The Black Knight

Catacombs Solo Quest

1. Faerie Mound of Dragonkind (interior)

Darksword Novels

Doom of the Darksword (interior)
Forging the Darksword (interior)
Triumph of the Darksword (interior)
1. Forging the Darksword (interior)
2. Doom of the Darksword (interior)
3. Triumph of the Darksword (interior)

Dragonlance Novels

Legends 1: Time of the Twins (interior)
Legends 2: War of the Twins (interior)
Legends 3: Test of the Twins (interior)
4. Legends 1: Time of the Twins (interior)
5. Legends 2: War of the Twins (interior)
6. Legends 3: Test of the Twins (interior)
10. Heroes 1: The Legend of Huma (interior)
14. Preludes 2: Kendermore (interior)
17. Heroes II 1: Kaz the Minotaur (interior)
18. Preludes II 2: Flint the King (interior)
19. Heroes II 2: The Gates of Thorbardin (interior)
20. Preludes II 3: Tanis, the Shadow Years (interior)
21. Heroes II 3: Galen Benighted (interior)
23. Meetings Sextet 1: Kindred Spirits (interior)
25. Meetings Sextet 2: Wanderlust (interior)
27. Meetings Sextet 3: Dark Heart (interior)
31. Meetings Sextet 5: Steel and Stone (interior)
36. Dwarven Nations Trilogy 2: Hammer and Axe (interior)
39. Dwarven Nations Trilogy 3: The Swordsheath Scroll (interior)
43. Defenders of Magic Trilogy 1: Night of the Eye (interior)
48. Warriors 1: Knights of the Crown (interior)
55. Lost Histories 4: Land of the Minotaurs (interior)

Dungeons & Dragons

7. Rage of the Rakasta (interior)

First Quest Novels

2. The Unicorn Hunt (interior)


5. Moon Dragon Summer (interior)
6. Lady of the Winds (interior)


2. The Possibility Wars 2: The Dark Realm (interior)
3. The Possibility Wars 3: The Nightmare Dream (interior)