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Items with "Ward, James M." as Credited Author

1 on 1 Adventure Gamebooks

1. Castle Arcania
2. Battle for the Ancient Robot
3. Revenge of the Red Dragon
4. Challenge of Druid's Grove
5. Dragonsword of Lankhmar
8. The Doomsday Device
9. The King Takes a Dare
11. Prisoner of Pharaoh's Tomb
v. 1, no. 1. You Are Eric Sunsword, Legendary Knight of the Northern Marches
v. 1, no. 2. You Are Neves, An Ancient and Powerful Wizard
v. 2, no. 1. You Are E-Ben, Attack Robot from the Planet Cybos
v. 2, no. 2. You Are Mikael, Earth's Greatest Star Pilot
v. 3, no. 1. You Are Flametongue, An Ancient Red Dragon
v. 3, no. 2. You Are Raven Quickblade, The Black Knight
v. 4, no. 1. You Are Renwood, A Powerful Druid
v. 4, no. 2. You Are Ar-Kane, A Great Wizard
v. 5, no. 1. You Are Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser
v. 5, no. 2. You Are Thieves' Guild Assassins
v. 8, no. 1. You Are Reed Richards and the Fantastic Four
v. 8, no. 2. You Are Doctor Doom
v. 9, no. 1. You Are Daredevil
v. 9, no. 2. You Are Kingpin

Catacombs Solo Quest

1. Faerie Mound of Dragonkind
2. Gnomes-100, Dragons-0

Double Diamond Triangle Saga

2. The Paladins

Endless Quest

12. Light on Quests Mountain
19. Conan the Undaunted

Fantasy Forest

1. The Ring, the Sword, and the Unicorn

Find Your Fate - G. I. Joe

11. Operation: Weapons Disaster

Forgotten Realms Novels

8. Pool of Radiance
30. Pools of Darkness
38. Pool of Twilight

Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Gamebooks (American)

3. The Wolverine: Night of the Wolverine

Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Gamebooks (British)

4. The Wolverine: Night of the Wolverine

Paths of Doom

1. Sete-Ka's Dream Quest
4. The Time Curse