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Items with "Thraves, Stephen" as Credited Author

Asterix Adventure Games

1. Asterix to the Rescue
3. Asterix Against All Odds

Battle Quest

1. Caves of Fury
2. Tunnels of Fear

Biggles Adventure Games

1. The Secret Night Flyer Game
2. The Hidden Blueprints Game

Enid Blyton Solve-It-Yourself Mysteries

1. The Five Find-Outers and the Note from Nowhere
2. The Five Find-Outers and the Faked Painting
3. The Five Find-Outers and the Shadowy Figure
4. The Five Find-Outers and the Raided Safe

Enid Blyton's Famous 5 Adventure Games

1. The Wreckers' Tower Game
2. The Haunted Railway Game
3. The Whispering Island Game
4. The Sinister Lake Game
5. The Wailing Lighthouse Game
6. The Secret Airfield Game
7. The Shuddering Mountain Game
8. The Missing Scientist Game

The Football Adventure Game


Ghost Adventure Games

1. Ghostly Towers
2. Ghost Train
3. Haunted Cliffs

The Peter Pan Adventure Game

Peter's Revenge

Police Files / Spy Files

1. Police Files
2. Spy Files

Stephen Thraves Adventure Gamebooks

1. Fiend in the Fog
2. Ghost School
3. Assignment UFO!

Stephen Thraves Compact Adventure Gamebooks

1. Haunted Island
2. Assignment Loch Ness
3. Shadows of Doom
4. Secret Agent A.C.E.
5. Footsteps in the Fog
7. Ghost Ride!
8. Murder in the Dark

Who-Done-It Adventure Game