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Forgotten Realms Novels

Hunter's Blades Trilogy 1: The Thousand Orcs
Hunter's Blades Trilogy 2: The Lone Drow
Hunter's Blades Trilogy 3: The Two Swords
Legacy of the Drow 1: The Legacy
Legacy of the Drow 3: Siege of Darkness
Legacy of the Drow 4: Passage to Dawn
Paths of Darkness 4: Sea of Swords
2. Icewind Dale Trilogy 1: The Crystal Shard
6. Icewind Dale Trilogy 2: Streams of Silver
20. Dark Elf Trilogy 1: Homeland
21. Dark Elf Trilogy 2: Exile
22. Dark Elf Trilogy 3: Sojourn
23. Icewind Dale Trilogy 3: The Halfling's Gem
27. Cleric Quintet 1: Canticle