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Items with "Fields, Fred" as Credited Illustrator

Forgotten Realms Novels

Legacy of the Drow 3: Siege of Darkness (cover)
16. Maztica Trilogy 3: Feathered Dragon (cover)
24. Harpers Series 1: The Parched Sea (cover)
25. Harpers Series 2: Elfshadow (cover)
30. Pools of Darkness (cover)
32. Harpers Series 5: The Ring of Winter (cover)
37. Harpers Series 6: Crypt of the Shadowking (cover)
38. Pool of Twilight (cover)
41. Harpers Series 7: Soldiers of Ice (cover)
43. Harpers Series 9: Crown of Fire (cover)
55. The Shadow of the Avatar 2: Cloak of Shadows (cover)
56. The Shadow of the Avatar 3: All Shadows Fled (cover)

TSR Books

12. Nightwatch (cover)
17. Sorcerer's Stone (cover)
23. Kingslayer (cover)
24. The Nine Gates (cover)