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Items with "Carter, Barbara" as Credited Illustrator

1000 Gefahren

2. Sugarcane Island, "The Island of 1000 Adventures"

The Adventures of You Series

1. Sugarcane Island
2. Journey Under the Sea

Choose Your Own Adventure (1979-1998)

7. The Third Planet from Altair
8. Deadwood City

Earth Inspectors

1. America: Why is There an Eye on a Pyramid on the One Dollar Bill?
2. Amazon: Where Do Fish Swim Through the Treetops? (interior)
3. Olympus!: What is the Secret of the Oracle? (interior)
4. Australia: Find the Flying Foxes! (interior)
5. Venice: Who Are the Three? (interior)
6. Africa: Where Do Elephants Live Underground? (interior)
8. U.S.A.: What is the Great American Invention? (interior)
10. Japan: How Do Hands Make Peace? (interior)
12. Russia: What is the Golden Horde?

Plot-It-Yourself Adventures in Space

1. Exploration Infinity (interior)

Sugarcane Island

Sugarcane Island

Which Way Books

6. Sugarcane Island