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Person - Pickering, John

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Items with "Pickering, John" as Credited Illustrator

Boneshaker's Mountains of Forever (1 edition)
Caverns of the Enchantress (1 edition)
Challenge of the Promethean Guild (1 edition)
Escape from Scarpathia (1 edition)
The Forgotten City (1 edition)
The Fortress of Kruglach (1 edition)
The Havarine Madness (1 edition)
Into the Dragon's Domain (1 edition)
The Mines of Malagus (1 edition)
The Sceptre of the Elvenking (1 edition)
Shinderg's Tomb (1 edition)
The Tower of Terror (1 edition)
Treasures of the Cursed Pyramid (1 edition)
The Triad of Evil (1 edition)
The Weaver of Nightmares (1 edition)