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Item - The Sword of the Sun

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(Original British (Beaver) edition)
(Original British (Beaver) edition)
(Original British (Beaver) edition)
(Reprinted British (Red Fox) edition)
(Reprinted British (Red Fox) edition)
(Reprinted British (Red Fox) edition)
(American first half, 1st printing - cover)
(American first half, 1st printing - back cover)
(American first half, 1st printing)
(American second half)
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Combined Summary

Series: Legends of Lone Wolf — no. 3
Legends of Lone Wolf (Berkley, 1990-1991) — no. 3
Legends of Lone Wolf (Berkley, 1990-1991) — no. 4
Alternate Title: The Tides of Treachery (American first half)
Adapted From: Fire on the Water (Gamebook)
Authors: Dever, Joe
Grant, John (pseudonym used by Barnett, Paul)
Illustrators: Horne, Daniel R. (American first half, 1st printing - cover; American second half - cover)
Jones, Peter Andrew (Reprinted British (Red Fox) edition - cover)
Williams, Brian (interior)
Dates: 1989 (Original British (Beaver) edition)
1991 (Reprinted British (Red Fox) edition)
February, 1991 (American first half, 1st printing)
April, 1991 (American second half)
ISBNs: 0099637707 / 9780099637707 (Original British (Beaver) edition, Reprinted British (Red Fox) edition)
0425125513 / 9780425125519 (American first half, 1st printing)
0425126501 / 9780425126509 (American second half)
Length: 182 pages (American first half, 1st printing, American second half)
User Summary: For the American editions, this book was split into two volumes, the first with a new title and the second with the original British title.
Special Thanks:Thanks to Ryan Lynch for the Beaver and Red Fox images.
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Surcal - really worn

Known Editions

Original British (Beaver) edition
Reprinted British (Red Fox) edition
American first half, 1st printing
American second half

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