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Item - Colonial America

(Paperback edition, early printing)
(Paperback edition, early printing)
(Paperback edition, later printing)
(Paperback edition, later printing)
(Paperback edition, later printing)
(Paperback edition, later printing)

Combined Summary

Series: You Choose: Interactive History Adventures
Author: Lassieur, A(llison) L.
Dates: December 1, 2010 (Library-bound edition)
January 2, 2011 (Paperback edition, early printing)
2015 (Paperback edition, later printing)
ISBNs: 1429654813 / 9781429654814 (Library-bound edition)
1429662778 / 9781429662772 (Paperback edition, early printing, Paperback edition, later printing)
Length: 112 pages
Number of Endings: 23
LC Cataloging in Publication Summary: "Describes the people and events involved during the colonial years before the Revolutionary War. The reader's choices reveal the historical details from the perspectives of an indentured Virginia servant, a Massachusetts colonist, and a resident of Philadelphia just before the revolution"--Provided by publisher.
Special Thanks:Thanks to Ken G. for the early edition cover images.
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Known Editions

Library-bound edition
Paperback edition, early printing
Paperback edition, later printing

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