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Item - Ghost Tower of the Witchlight Fens

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Combined Summary

Series: Dungeon no. 182
Dungeons & Dragons (4th edition)
Platform: Adobe Acrobat (Dungeons & Dragons (4th edition) edition)
Date: 2010 (Dungeons & Dragons (4th edition) edition)
Length: 95 sections, plus three encounter sections (Dungeon edition)
User Summary: This short downloadable adventure continues the story begun in the Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition Starter Set. While recruiting help to recover the item stolen in that story, you run into an elf who offers you a side quest to enter a haunted tower and recover a magical sword stolen long ago by a now-dead evil paladin.
Guillermo's Thoughts:

This adventure, published after a long hiatus during which no solitaire adventures appeared in Dungeon magazine, is only slightly more substantial than its D&D Starter Set prequel. It mostly consists of a dungeon crawl with several possible paths through it, and a final confrontation. All of the paths through the dungeon are laughably short, so much that the adventure feels to have barely begun before it's over. Given that the combat rules in 4th edition D&D are quite complex (requiring the use of miniatures and floorplans, among other things) replaying the story just doesn't seem worthwhile. This isn't really up to par with previous Dungeon solo adventures, and you can safely skip it.

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Known Editions

Dungeon edition (in Dungeon #182)
Dungeons & Dragons (4th edition) edition

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