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Item - Escape from Blood Castle

(Solve it Yourself edition)
(Solve it Yourself edition)
(Solve it Yourself edition)
(Usborne Puzzle Adventures edition)
(Usborne Puzzle Adventures edition)
(Usborne Puzzle Adventures edition)
(Paperback omnibus edition, 1993 printing)
(Original edition)
(Solve Your Own Mysteries edition)
(American edition)
(2001 reissue edition)
(2007 reissue edition)
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Combined Summary

Series: Usborne Puzzle Adventures — no. 1
Usborne Puzzle Adventures
Translated Into: Huida del castillo siniestro (Spanish)
Author: Tyler, Jenny
Illustrator: Round, Graham
Dates: 1985 (Solve it Yourself edition)
September, 1985 (Original edition)
1986 (Usborne Puzzle Adventures edition)
March, 1992 (Solve Your Own Mysteries edition)
1993 (Paperback omnibus edition, 1993 printing)
December, 1996 (American edition)
September, 2001 (2001 reissue edition)
June, 2007 (2007 reissue edition)
ISBNs: 0746048629 / 9780746048627 (2001 reissue edition)
0746080603 / 9780746080603 (2007 reissue edition)
0860209504 / 9780860209508 (Original edition, American edition)
Length: 48 pages (Original edition, Solve it Yourself edition, American edition, 2001 reissue edition, 2007 reissue edition)
Cover Price: UK£3.50 (Original edition)
US$5.95 (American edition)
UK£2.99 (2001 reissue edition)
UK£3.99 (2007 reissue edition)
Special Thanks:Thanks to Clayton Graham for the original cover image and details.
Users Who Own This Item: Alatar001, Belgarath, Demian (American edition), Gamebook Collector, NEMO, Sheridan77, tonk82, waktool (Solve It Yourself, HK 1st printing; Original, BE 03/92 printing; Original, BE 09/93 printing; 2001 reissue, CH 09/01 printing; 2007 reissue, CH 06/07 printing)
Users Who Want This Item: b4x

Known Editions

Original edition
Solve it Yourself edition
Usborne Puzzle Adventures edition (in Usborne Book of Solve Your Own Mystery Stories)
Solve Your Own Mysteries edition (in Usborne Book of Solve Your Own Mystery Stories)
Paperback omnibus edition, 1993 printing (in Puzzle Adventure Omnibus)
American edition
2001 reissue edition
2007 reissue edition

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