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Item - Crisis on Coruscant

Combined Summary

Series: Star Wars - The Clone Wars: Decide Your Destiny (British) — no. 4
Contained In: Star Wars - The Clone Wars: Decide Your Destiny Collection (Collection)
Author: Green, Jonathan
Date: January 28, 2010 (British edition, 1st printing (unconfirmed))
ISBN: 1409390071 / 9781409390077 (British edition, 1st printing (unconfirmed))
Edition Descriptions: British boxed-set edition, 2nd printing:
- "PLAY ONLINE WWW.STARWARS.COM/DECIDEYOURDESTINY" vertical banner down the left hard side of the front cover
- "Not to be sold separately" text on back cover in barcode area
- "JUMP IN AND OUT OF CYBERSPACE!" horizontal banner across the top of the back cover only

British edition, 1st printing (unconfirmed):
- "JUMP IN AND OUT OF CYBERSPACE!" horizontal banner across the top of the front and back covers
Length: 192 pages
nev's Thoughts:

Better than the other Decide Your Destiny books, this is written by someone who worked on some Fighting Fantasy titles, and it shows that they have experience in this format. There's a story that runs through the book and various parts branch off and eventually come back to the main line (although sometimes slightly to the side). This is in contrast to the other DYD books which often go off on wildly different courses and lack coherence.

Endings are fairly logical unlike in some of the other DYD books. Also, the online portion is thankfully unnecessary.

As to the content, it again is a cut above the other DYD books - a storyline that involves Jabba, Ventress and Ziro and feels like it could almost be made into a Clone Wars episode, unlike the other forgettable DYD books.

This is definitely the pick of the bunch.

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Known Editions

British boxed-set edition, 2nd printing
British edition, 1st printing (unconfirmed)

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