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Item - Dungeons & Dragons Basic Rules (red box)

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Series: Dungeons & Dragons
Contains: Solo Adventure (Mini-Adventure)
Translated Into: Beeshikku ruuru setto [ベーシック・ルール・セット] (Japanese)
D&D Fantasy-Rollenspiele Basis Set (German)
Donjons & Dragons: Règles de base (French)
Dungeons & Dragons Basis-Set (Dutch)
Dungeons & Dragons Basregler (Swedish)
Dungeons & Dragons Fantasi rollespill grunnregler (Norwegian)
Dungeons & Dragons Perussäännöt (Finnish)
Dungeons & Dragons Reglas nivel basico (Spanish)
Dungeons & Dragons Regole base (Italian)
Authors: Gygax, Gary
Mentzer, Frank
Illustrators: Elmore, Larry (cover)
Easley, Jeff (interior)
Date: 1983
Kveto's Thoughts:

For many people my age (born in the '70s), this was probably how they remember being introduced to Dungeons and Dragons.

I remember being a bit disappointed to open my x-mas present and find that this D&D game I'd heard so much about was a pair of books. Where was the game? Little did I know....

Anyway, the players' book has a nice little solo adventure that takes you (an unnamed fighter) by the hand as you go through a basic adventure. It's a really great way to introduce everything: monsters, combat, character classes, saving throws, etc. The adventure itself really isn't anything. You fight a goblin, fight a snake, and meet a cleric, then the evil wizard. It is probably most famous for introducing Aleena, the good cleric, as your companion. She is probably famous because she is so hot, thanks to Elmore's artwork.

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