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Item - White Fang

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Series: Dungeon no. 20
Part of: Dungeon #20 (Magazine)
Length: 122 sections plus introduction
User Summary: A beggar sells you a map showing the location of a priceless gem in a mountain range inhabited by a group of frost giants.
Guillermo's Thoughts:

Compared to the previous two solo adventures which appeared on the pages of Dungeon magazine, this one (which can be played using either first or second edition AD&D rules) feels rather amateurishly designed. It mostly consists of exploring a dungeon and fighting battles, with none of the encounters being particularly creative or entertaining. The final battle also feels rather easy and anticlimactic considering the difficulty of previous engagements. While most battles are pretty tough, it doesn't take too long to find an uninspired path that will allow the player to complete the adventure successfully with a minimum of risk. It is possible to gain plenty of treasure by eschewing the easy way and choosing to fight the dungeon's inhabitants, but the blandness of the design makes it feel like there's no reason to bother. Overall, you shouldn't go out of your way to play this game unless you're really curious about old Dungeon magazine adventures. It should be noted that this was the final Dungeon solo before TSR decided solitaire stories were a thing of the past and largely stopped producing them. Considering the rather low quality of this adventure and the even lower one of Ghost Tower of the Witchlight Fens (which appeared more than two decades later), I can't say I'm sorry they did.

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