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Item - Scepter of the Underworld

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Series: Dungeon no. 12
Part of: Dungeon #12 (Magazine)
Length: 127 sections, plus introduction and appendix
User Summary: A powerful mage offers you a reward if you can find a magical scepter located inside a deserted temple.
Guillermo's Thoughts:

This dungeon-crawl adventure is written for AD&D (first edition). It is designed for a relatively high-powered character, and therefore the opponents are quite powerful (it is nice to have a fantasy story where most enemies are not weak orcs or goblins for a change). This is actually quite a challenging game; completing it successfully requires you to find a large number of items (many of which involve winning tough battles and/or succeeding at very difficult detection rolls). You will also need to fight against several enemies armed with a large variety of spells and special abilities. This is definitely not an adventure for the easily frustrated, as there are many occasions when a single failed saving throw or other die roll will result in failure. Still, I can't help but have a soft spot for it; by extensively using spell, item, and creature abilities from AD&D manuals, this story avoids the "watered down" feel of the AD&D Adventure Gamebooks series. It also includes a few optional areas to explore if you need an even more challenging experience. Overall, this is a good adventure for those who enjoy tough challenges (and especially for Fighting Fantasy fans). Definitely worth a look.

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