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Item - The Tower of Azann

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Series: Adventure Gaming
Part of: Adventure Gaming (Collection)
Authors: Ryer, Bob
Leites, Justin
Klug, Gerard Christopher
Simonsen, Redmond A.
Illustrators: Koller, Ted
Milkuhn, Manfred F.
Stec, Ken
Date: 1981
Length: 120 sections, plus introduction
User Summary: A duke's son has been kidnapped by an evil wizard living in a tower, and you are tasked with rescuing him.
Guillermo's Thoughts:

Unless I'm mistaken, this mini-solo adventure (which predates the Fighting Fantasy series by one year) is the first one to include its own rules, instead of requiring an external set of rules as is the case for the Tunnels and Trolls solo adventures, for example. The rules are quite simple and only require six-sided dice. The reader has to divide points among three attributes and can choose two out of four spells to embark on the adventure. The combat system is also simple enough. Navigating the tower involves using the dice to randomly determine the rooms the character enters. The problems begin, however, after the player manages to defeat the final enemy. After the final battle there seem to be no instructions that lead to the multiple endgame sections (though the sections are definitely there). Maybe I am dumb and not realizing something obvious, but it seems more likely this adventure was neither designed or playtested properly. This is a disaster. Avoid unless you're really curious about this early example of a standalone solitaire adventure.

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