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Item - The Japanese-American Internment

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Series: You Choose: Interactive History Adventures
Author: Hanel, Rachael
Date: January, 2008
ISBNs: 1429613580 / 9781429613583 (hardback)
1429617659 / 9781429617659 (paperback)
Length: 112 pages
Number of Endings: 11
User Summary: During World War 2, you can choose to be a Japanese-American interned in one of two concentration camps in California, or to play a teacher in a camp located in the South.
Guillermo's Thoughts:

This book is a mixed bag. It is lacking in the story department since it omits many details about what life in the Japanese internment camps was really like. Gameplay is meaningfully interactive and involving in some parts, while in others it feels extremely railroady. Interestingly, there are some shared sections of text between two of the adventures included. This differs from most books in the series where each of the three storylines usually stands alone. Overall, I mostly had a good experience reading this book, but there is no denying it could use some improvement.

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Special Thanks:Thanks to Ken G. for the cover scans.
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