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Item - Mexican Immigrants in America

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Series: You Choose: Interactive History Adventures
Author: Hanel, Rachael
Date: September, 2008
ISBNs: 1429620137 / 9781429620130 (hardback)
1429628650 / 9781429628655 (paperback)
Length: 112 pages
Number of Endings: 17
User Summary: You can choose to play a Mexican farm worker living in the American West Coast in the seventies, an immigrant domestic worker in the present day, or a young male worker in a meatpacking plant in the Midwest.
Guillermo's Thoughts:

This is by far the best treatment of immigration that I have seen in gamebooks. The book is well-researched and manages to portray the plights faced by Mexican immigrants in a moving way. I have a few complaints about it, however. The story makes it sound as if the conditions of Mexican farm workers have only improved since the times of Cesar Chavez and the UFW. While Chavez and his organization did indeed make important achievements, the conditions of workers have in many ways worsened since then. The book, however, makes no reference to this, and can therefore become somewhat misleading. Also, the new policies put in place by the Trump administration mean that the portrayal of immigration realities is somewhat outdated by this point; life has become much more difficult for undocumented immigrants within only a few weeks of the current presidency. Finally, the author overuses the technique of having different paths through the book converge on the same places. This makes the adventure feel less interactive than it should be.

Overall, despite the aforementioned flaws, this is a very educational and involving book that is well worth a read.

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