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Item - The Case of the Video Game Smugglers

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Alternate Title: The Case of the Computer Game Smugglers
Translated Into: Los contrabandistas de videojuegos y nueve casos más (Spanish)
Els contrabandistes de videojocs i nou casos més (Catalan)
LC Cataloging in Publication Summary: Hawkeye Collins and Amy Adams, two twelve-year-old sleuths, solve ten mysteries using Hawkeye's sketches of important clues. The reader is asked to use Hawkeye's sketches to solve the mystery.
Users Who Own This Item: Ardennes, Gamebook Collector, katzcollection, marnaudo, NEMO (Ex- school copy), waktool (Piccolo Mysterysolvers edition; 1st printing)
Users Who Want This Item: The Mystery Squad fan
Users with Extra Copies: NEMO - Thrift store copy w/ various nicks,dents,rips,etc.

Can You Solve the Mystery? edition

Series: Can You Solve the Mystery? no. 3
Item: The Case of the Video Game Smugglers
Authors: Masters, M. (pseudonym used by multiple people)
von Wacker, Alexander
Illustrators: Foty, Tom (cover)
Cardot, Stephen (interior)
Date: 1983
ISBN: 0915658887 / 9780915658886
Length: 98 pages (10 cases)

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