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Item - Something's in the Woods

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(Hardcover edition)
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Combined Summary

Series: Choose Your Own Nightmare (1995-1997) — no. 12
Translated Into: El bosque tenebroso (Spanish)
Author: Brightfield, Richard
Illustrator: Schmidt, William (Bill)
Dates: November, 1996 (Paperback edition)
1997 (Hardcover edition)
ISBN: 0553483315 / 9780553483314 (Paperback edition)
Publishers: Hardcover edition: Gareth Stevens Publishing -- United States
Paperback edition: Bantam -- United States
LC Cataloging in Publication Summary: The reader's decisions control the course of an adventure in the woods involving spooky ghost kids, disappearing parents, underground goblins, and mind-blowing time warps.
Jordashebasics's Thoughts:

You and your parents go camping in Wiley Woods, where spooky things are rumored to happen.

Normally, I get annoyed about the lack of focus that some of these books have, when the title promises one thing, and the vast majority of the book delivers something completely different. See Beware the Snake's Venom. With a title as vague as Something's in the Woods, this one avoids that problem. This book doesn't have a central plotline, but at least the title didn't promise anything.

The branches are also strange, and they are diverse enough that it never feels like anything was explained. There's a ghostly girl, her ghostly parents, and they want to cook you alive. You do a bit of time traveling, running into a troupe of traveling entertainers. A bear steals your candy bars. You encounter a bunch of ghosts of lost kids. And there are a few endings that involve goblins or something. It's strange stuff.

Reading all of the content doesn't reward the reader with a more complete story. As such, it's not that interesting.

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