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Item - Brothers by Blood

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Series: SoloQuest — no. 1
Platform: Adobe Acrobat
Author: Neff, Brandon
Illustrators: McSweeney, Ben (cover)
Sharp, Joe (interior)
Sharp, Rob (interior)
Stephenson, Kevin (interior)
Date: 2006
ISBN: 1594590583 / 9781594590580
Product Code: K&C 1205
Length: 81 pages (528 sections)
Burchard's Thoughts:

As the author of this gamebook, I thought I would provide some insight into the events that lead to the creation of the series.

In the spring of 2004, I wrote a brief multiple-entry story for Knights of the Dinner Table issue #93 (produced by Kenzer & Co.) titled Hack, Slash and Two Smoking Goblins. The story received considerable feedback and Jolly Blackburn, creator of the magazine, asked me to write up additional pieces. I complied with his request, but due to space restrictions, they were unable to run them in future issues. Thankfully, Jolly was not willing to let this idea fall by the wayside. In an email, he informed me that he had brought up the idea of solo gamebooks with Dave Kenzer and they both decided it would be a good idea to explore as a separate product.

I wrote up the rules (based on the HackMaster game, produced by Kenzer & Co.) with a variant for d20 players and completed the main text in November, 2004. It sat on the desks of the editors for nearly 18 months before it was finally released on April 17, 2006.

In the heart of Zoa, the shadows are ruled by a brotherhood of thieves. Two rival guilds have begun a war for territory and the fighting has nearly claimed another victim. His fate hanging by a thread, you embark on a treacherous mission into the den of your enemies in order to save a life. The stakes are high, but the bond of blood between brothers cannot easily be broken.

Dr. Brandon Neff

Note: The second book in the series was completed in April 2005 and should be on the shelves soon.

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