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Item - La Rebelión de los Robots

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Alternate Title: The Rebellion of the Robots (literal English translation of title)
User Summary: The thriving civilization in the fourth planet has become decadent. The humans have abandoned any idea of progress and are now leaving all work to be done by robots. Seeing there is no hope for the human race, the old robot Poncio decides to install a device on all robots, which makes them forget the first law of robotics, and then expels all humans from the cities and forces them to live in the wilderness so that they will become apt for civilizing again. You play a young man who has become a hunter in the wilderness, and together with your girlfriend and Poncio, you must defeat an evil robot army which now threatens to exterminate all humankind.
Guillermo's Thoughts:

This is a linear novel disguised as an interactive book. There are very few choices, and none of them are of any consequence. Having only four endings does not allow for much diversity, and some of the endings are just plain stupid (one of them reveals you're not talking to your companion character, but you have rather become trapped in a timewarp, while the other option proceeds the story normally. There is another one which is even worse). Unsurprisingly, there are extremely long stretches of text without any choices (but with lots of page-turning, nonetheless), so the reader feels most of the time like a spectator rather than a participant in the story. Another choice only allows you to choose which character you read about, and means you get to miss a large chunk of the storyline if you choose one of the characters. The book's story is rather boring (even for the age group this is aimed at), being a rather incoherent mix of Greek mythology with armies of intelligent apes fighting one another and a final showdown against the evil robot (with a lot of events happening without allowing the reader any input and several opportunities for decision-making being perfectly ignored). This is the worst book in the series. Stay away from it and go read a Skylark Choose Your Own Adventure instead.

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Special Thanks:Thanks to Guillermo Paredes for the plot summary and other information.
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Editorial Andrés Bello: Science Fiction Gamebooks edition

Series: Editorial Andrés Bello: Science Fiction Gamebooks no. 85
Item: La Rebelión de los Robots
Authors: Balcells, Jacqueline (Marty Aboitiz de)
Güiraldes (Camerati), Ana María
Balcells, Alberto I.
Iturra, Carlos (essay)
Illustrator: Jullian, Andrés
Date: 1989
ISBN: 9561307855 / 9789561307858
Length: 141 pages, plus an essay on "Science Fiction, Utopia and the Rebellion of the Robots"
Number of Endings: 4

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