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Item - Gunslinger with Whip and Pistol

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Series: Lost Worlds Fantasy Combat Books
Date: November, 2004
Product Code: 1IP002
Praeriedog's Thoughts:

I ordered this character sight unseen, since I was really curious how a gunslinger would fit into a fantasy game. So far I've only played one game with him, but I was able to defeat the unicorn which has 25 body points. However, that was mainly because I used more bullets than I really should have been able to. Which brings me to my major problem with this character. You're told to spend a bullet (or three bullets if you're fan firing), and you can reload a bullet into your gun, but nowhere does it tell you how many bullets you can fire before having to reload. Neither the booklet nor the character sheet tell you anything about how many bullets you start out with. I decided on a house rule that his gun is a six-shooter. Had that been in effect to begin with, that fight with the unicorn might have gone vastly different.

There are six cards that come with the booklet, but they have no pictures on them. They have the Lost Worlds symbol on the backs, and they give you the description, like "Pearl Handle" says "Item: Pistol" and "Nifty piece made in the shops of Armo Hammer. Add +1 to any pistol attack." But instead of a picture of a pistol, there's just blank white space. I'm used to the cards that come with other characters that have artwork there.

One cool thing about this character is that he uses both a pistol and a whip, and if his opponent successfully dislodges his weapon, only the last weapon used is the one dropped. He can still use the other weapon without having to retrieve his weapon. Neither of the weapons are affected by height modifiers. I also quite like his "Kick sand in face" move.

The inside of the front and back covers contain the rules for playing the game, the multi-player rules, and explain the various card types. The back cover has the quick start rules on it. The character sheet is full size and the back, along with two special Gunslinger rules, contains campaign rules and information about official league play.

All in all, I like the gunslinger, even if he doesn't quite fit in with the rest of the fantasy characters, but you need to decide how many bullets his gun will hold before the fight, or there's almost no chance of him losing. When he "fan fires" he shoots three bullets at a time, and that's 8 points just on the character sheet, not counting how much damage the booklet will add to that.

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