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Item - The Enchanted Kingdom

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Series: Choose Your Own Adventure (1979-1998) — no. 56
Translated Into: El regne encantat (Catalan)
El reino encantado (Spanish)
Author: Kushner, Ellen
Illustrators: Murdocca, S(al) (cover)
Mitchell, Judith (interior)
Date: May, 1986
ISBN: 0553258613 / 9780553258615
Length: 113 pages
Number of Endings: 22
User Summary: You visit your aunt in England, where you learn first-hand about the secrets of the Fair Folk.
Demian's Thoughts:

Fairy rings again! Some people can't seem to get enough of them! Actually, this is a fairly interesting entry in the series, delving into British folklore in a light but entertaining manner. Of course, it's not as interesting as actual British books that cover the same material (the Knightmare series, for example), but it's not bad. I was also once again pleased by the little details in Judith Mitchell's illustrations; as a Doctor Who fan, I was particularly happy to see jelly babies represented in the candy shop illustration on page 29. There is one slight goof, however -- the startled girl on page 55 should be wearing blue jeans according to the text, not shorts. Oh well.

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