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(book fair edition)
(book fair edition)
Series: Choose Your Own Adventure (1979-1998) — no. 60
Translated Into: Bermudetako triangelua (Basque)
Desaparecidos (Spanish)
El Triangle de les Bermudes (Catalan)
El Triángulo de las Bermudas (Spanish)
Author: Goodman, Deborah Lerme
Illustrator: Bolle, Frank
Date: September, 1986
ISBN: 0553259415 / 9780553259414
Length: 116 pages
Number of Endings: 29
User Summary: You and your friends Tony and Andrea set off in search of another friend, Jill, who has vanished in the Bermuda Triangle.
Demian's Thoughts:

This book is a definite change of pace for its author, who had only written fantasy up until this point. It actually feels like it belongs earlier on in the series, as its fast pace and many random and unexpected plot twists are rather reminiscent of the first dozen-or-so entries. Really, I find it surprising that the series didn't capitalize on the Bermuda Triangle phenomenon sooner (and also that they didn't mention the dreaded area in the book's title -- I imagine doing so would have increased sales). Anyway, the book has its ups and downs. It's nice to have only minimal time between choices and lots of things to try, and there's also a strong gameplay element, since finding Jill is definitely not easy. The problem, though, is that victory isn't particularly exciting once you manage it. Actually, there's not a whole lot of satisfaction to most of the paths through the book, successful or otherwise -- it all goes by so fast that it rarely feels like anything has actually happened (though there are some exceptions; I found the portion of the book where you encounter aliens to be at least a bit more intriguing than the rest of the story). There are also a couple of weird attempts at being educational -- in one section, for example, you increase your vocabulary by learning the word "seiche" just in time to get killed by one! This book is great if your attention span is feeling short, but if you're looking for a fully developed story, you'd most likely do better looking elsewhere.

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Waluigi Freak 99's Thoughts:

This book is about the Bermuda Triangle, where your friend Jill has suddenly vanished. My main problem with it is that your character tends to make decisions without you, leading to frustrating death endings. I agree with Demian; sometimes you just go off on a different plot than finding Jill and, when you end up successful, end the book while wondering if anything ever happened. However, the style is nice and the challenge presented is good, and the elements ultimately even each other out into an "okay" story.

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Special Thanks:Thanks to Ken G. for the book fair edition cover scans.
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