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Item - Les mysteres de Babylone

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Series: La Saga du PrĂȘtre Jean — no. 4
Alternate Title: The Mysteries of Babylon (literal English translation of title)
Translated Into: Die Geheimnisse von Babylon (German)
Los misterios de Babilonia (Spanish)
I segreti di Babilonia (Italian)
Authors: Headline, Doug
Collin, Jacques
Illustrator: Terpant, Jacques
Date: 1986
ISBN: 2010117247 / 9782010117244
Length: 500 sections
Number of Endings: 31
User Summary: After Hassan Sabba and Antarsis, you found Nikanor at the heart of King Solomon's mines. Unfortunately, Nikanor hasn't been to Shangri-La but his magic powers enable him to tell you who will help you (it's the third time that Prester John hears that, he should be accustomed to disappointment by now...). A man called Souhsan will be your guide to Shangri-La. Of course, Souhsan doesn't live in this time era; that would be too easy. He will be born in 400 years, in the city of Babylon (another famous name). Nikanor creates an ice cocoon that will put you in a magical sleep, preventing you from aging. And thus at the start of book 4, your ice cocoon begins to melt....
Feldrin's Thoughts:

After the disappointment of book 3, I was looking forward to seeing what improvements had been done in this book. And I must admit that I'm pleased to see those changes. The whole story takes place in the city of Babylon, without any "dungeon," you talk to many characters, have several paths leading you to the end. It's a real pleasure to read this book, with all the details about the Babylonian way of life.

The rules are always the same, and if you played book 2, you still have the Magic Eye (usable once per adventure). After playing book 3, I've been surprised by the number of fights (far less than book 3) and the poor strength of the opponents. This book has perhaps the most interesting storyline but is by far the easiest. I died only once in a fight before winning. In this book, you have to find 3 differents people who give you clues about how to find a tablet in the famous Tower of Babel (floor, room, shelf). You learn soon that Souhsan died some weeks ago and that the tablet gives you the path to Shangri-La.

There's nothing really new to say about this book, especially if you read my reviews of the first three. This one is closer in form to book 1, where you try and find a way to Hassan Sabba's fortress. There's the usual tough fight at the end, three parts (going to Babylon, finding the three wise men with the information, then the Tower of Babel). A funny reference lets you find an important magic item: one of the 32 Gygax's teeth (Gary Gygax is the original creator of Dungeons & Dragons). There are more items than before, no scrolls this time, and many attractive damsels in distress needing your help. A pleasant reading despite its easiness.

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