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Item - The Lost Ninja

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Combined Summary

Series: Choose Your Own Adventure (1979-1998) — no. 113
Choose Your Own Adventure (2005-) — no. 48
Contained In: Choose Your Own Adventure Martial Arts Box Set (Collection)
Author: Leibold, Jay (pseudonym used by Montavon, Jay)
Illustrators: Nugent, Suzanne (Reissue edition - interior)
Utomo, Gabhor (Reissue edition - cover)
Kukalis, Romas (cover)
Bolle, Frank (interior)
Dates: 1991 (Original edition)
October 1, 2019 (Reissue edition)
ISBN: 1937133354 / 9781937133351 (Reissue edition)
Length: 127 pages, plus glossary, "About the Artists", "About the Author", and "The History of Gamebooks" essays, and Choose Your Own Adventure historical timeline. (Reissue edition)
Number of Endings: 14 (Reissue edition)
Special Thanks: Reissue edition:
Thanks to Guillermo Paredes for the cover images.
User Summary: A few months after the events in Return of the Ninja, you have returned to the United States and now live and practice martial arts in San Francisco. One day, a mysterious fellow student is kidnapped by gangsters, and you set out to rescue him from captivity.
CGally's Thoughts:

This is a book I happen to have owned since I was a kid. It's a sequel to the previous "Ninja" entries by the same author, but I had barely read those.

The hero is unable to get in touch with her friend Nada, from the previous entries, and this is a running plot point that is never resolved (we never see Nada). Aside from that disappointment, there are a lot of things I like about this book.

You get introduced to Yakuza! They play a major role in the plot, and your character learns about them from a friendly Japanese man she meets in a bar. Shortly afterward, you witness them kidnapping someone, and they become a major plot point. It's a seamless way of teaching readers some interesting facts by dropping them into the plot, and then making them important. I'll admit it worked on me - I found the Yakuza in the story quite interesting as a kid.

The aforementioned Japanese man in the bar has some family problems, it turns out. That creates another plot point - you can try to get involved in his life to some degree.

The final plot thread involves a kidnapping and human trafficking ring that you can unwittingly become part of - as the kidnapee, of course.

The way the plot brances out in interesting, but sometimes unrelated, directions is quite fun and makes for an interesting read. No consistency problems here.

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Guillermo's Thoughts:

(Review based on the Chooseco edition.)

This is the third in a series of CYOA books by Jay Leibold with a martial arts theme, and a direct sequel to both Secret of the Ninja and Return of the Ninja. While the earlier books dealt with Japanese mythology and history, this is a contemporary tale focused on dealing with a group of yakuza (Japanese gangsters). The different adventures presented here are rather uninspired, and the mythological and historical backdrop from previous martial arts-themed entries is sorely missed. While the supporting character Nada plays a major role in the earlier books, she only has minimal participation in this one, a factor which also works to the detriment of the story. There are some interesting choices here and there, but they are only dashes of good craft; most of the book feels either very random or very predictable. Overall, this is a disappointing effort from Jay Leibold, who has shown himself to be capable of doing much better.

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yunakitty's Thoughts:

This is another fairly interesting "martial arts" book, although I found it much more interesting than Master of Tae Kwon Do. In this book, you try to help out a friend from karate class with his personal problems. Of course, he doesn't want your help, but does that ever stop "YOU" from making choices? Of course not. This is worth a read.

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