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Item - Track of the Werewolf

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Series: Terror T.R.A.X. — no. 2
Platforms: CD
Date: 1994
Length: 52 tracks
Demian's Thoughts:

I picked this up on clearance at a local Kay-Bee Toy Store. The disc has fifty-two tracks full of weak acting and uninspired plotting. The biggest saving grace of the disc is that it contains what appears to be a reference to the Monty Python film The Life of Brian during a ransom call by a werewolf. Apart from that the disc is pretty much humorless and unentertaining. The "Mature Listeners" warning on the front of the box seems pretty much unjustified since the werewolves are about as scary as Scooby Doo, the language is tamer than network TV, and the violence has very little impact in an audio format.

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DukeNukem 2417's Thoughts:

While Track of the Vampire was a fun (if slightly flawed) audio drama, Track of the Werewolf is definitely inferior in multiple ways. For one, the voice acting for the werewolves is completely ridiculous (two in particular sound like Beavis and Butthead), and it doesn't help that the story makes no sense whatsoever (Whoever thought that the "vampires using a dating service to nab victims" idea from Track of the Vampire was stupid will definitely think this story is a complete waste of time). Also, who decided that the lycanthropy specialist for T.R.A.X. should be named Doctor Volvo?!

If that's not enough to wreck the mood for you, the werewolves have GUNS. Yes, you read that right: the werewolves, who should have no problem mauling and dismembering the T.R.A.X. agents, choose instead to open fire on them with automatic weapons. In terms of gameplay, one choice early will force the listener to backtrack repeatedly to fix their mistake. I don't want to give too much away, but I suggest not analyzing ANY of the phone calls.

To sum it up: Out of the two downloadable Terror T.R.A.X. adventures, Track of the Werewolf is DEFINITELY the inferior. Only download it if you're extremely bored.

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