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Item - Doom World!

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Series: Starblazer — no. 152
Alternate Title: Doomworld
Date: 1985
Length: 66 pages (138 panels)
Braldt's Thoughts:

Doomworld is a black and white interactive comic book. The Starblazer series consists of many simplistic sci-fi comics for kids 8-16, but there were at least two interactive stories published. The first page is the data log with all kinds of information about your mission, your spacecraft, etc. It is essential that you read this information before trying to make choices. The story is simple. Earth is under attack by an alien race, the Canis. When you succeed to warn star command, you are given the assignment to go to the planet Dalma. The inhabitants of that planet survived an attack by the Canis. Knowledge of how they did it is essential. You travel to that planet, where a civil war is going on, and you have to help the right side to win before your question can be answered.

The story is more logical than Captain's Choice, but less appealing. As with Starblazer 150, the branching is linear, no jumping from pages at the beginning to pages in the back of the book. Sometimes it's too easy to peek before you decide. And I hate to spoil the adventure, and the chance of making the bad decisions myself.

If you like sci-fi comics and want to have an uncommon collectable interactive item, it's nice to have.

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