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Guillermo's Thoughts:

There are several editions of this book. When the first one was released, only the first four King's Quest games were available. Mine is the second edition, which adds material related to the fifth installment in the computer game series. I believe further editions were made in order to keep up with later sequels.

The book is quite an entertaining read which can also serve as a walkthrough for the games (though its value in this last respect may be diminished today thanks to the great number of hints available online). I recommend you pick up a copy, but only after you have tried the games for yourself, since the book spoils all surprises contained in them.

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Special Thanks:Thanks to Guillermo Paredes for the second edition cover image and to Ryan Lynch for the first and third edition images.
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King's Quest Novels edition

(first edition)
(first edition)
(first edition)
(second edition)
(third edition)
(third edition)
(third edition)
Series: King's Quest Novels
Item: The King's Quest Companion
Author: Spear, Peter
Dates: October, 1989 (first edition)
November, 1990 (second edition)
November, 1992 (third edition)
ISBNs: 007881555X / 9780078815553 (first edition)
007881815X / 9780078818158 (third edition)
Length: 220 pages (second edition)

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