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Item - Star Trek: Phaser Fight

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User Summary: Once again, you are an ensign assigned to the Enterprise to gain experience. This time, you get to choose between working with McCoy, Spock, or Kirk.
Demian's Thoughts:

This book is almost exactly like Star Trek: Voyage to Adventure. It's slightly better written, but still not terribly notable as a gamebook. The Star Trek content and Boris Vallejo cover might make it something of a collector's item, though....

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drereichdude's Thoughts:

Sorry, Demian, but I have to disagree with what you said in your review. This Star Trek-related Which Way is the second in the series, but it is absolutely terrible! The writing is sophomoric and condescending, and the plots involving Captain Kirk and the rest of the Enterprise crew are completely ludicrous!

Also, the illustrations are by the same person who did them for Star Trek: Voyage To Adventure (check out my review of that book) but here, they are really badly done, and they seemed forced and incomplete.

Oh well, it's just the kind of material that I and other gamebook fans have come to expect from the "infamous Siegels, Barbara & Scott." They just don't got it, folks!

And THAT is my first review of a gamebook I hated! There's a first time for everything, right?

Avoid this book at all costs!

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First printing

Series: Which Way Books no. 24
Item: Star Trek: Phaser Fight
Authors: Siegel, Barbara
Siegel, Scott
Illustrators: Vallejo, Boris (cover)
Tomei, Gordon (interior)
Date: December, 1986
ISBN: 0671632485 / 9780671632489
Length: 118 pages
Number of Endings: 28

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