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Item - Night of Mystery

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Series: White Dwarf no. 106
Part of: White Dwarf #106 (Magazine)
Translated Into: Noc tajemnicy (Polish)
Author: Sargent, Carl
Illustrator: Bonner, Paul
Date: October, 1988
Length: 116 sections, plus introduction
User Summary: You journey to a remote village in search of two thieves who have stolen a magical bowl. If you do not find the bowl on time, it will be used to unleash an undead horde into the world.
Guillermo's Thoughts:

This adventure was written by Carl Sargent, who also wrote several Fighting Fantasy books under the pseudonym Keith Martin. It is therefore not surprising that this feels a lot like an FF adventure. FF fans might actually enjoy it were it not for the fact that it requires the player to be familiar with the Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play game system. Completing the adventure requires quite a bit of exploration and information-gathering, plus there is a time limit system which makes the adventure challenging. Even after you have completed the adventure successfully, it is interesting to go back and try to explore the locations and experience the encounters you missed. I also liked Paul Bonner's artwork a lot (it is quite similar to Gary Chalk's). Overall, this is a nifty little blast from the past. Recommended.

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