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Item - Poltergeists, Ghosts and Psychic Encounters

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(Perma-Bound copy)
(Perma-Bound copy)
Series: Which Way Books — no. 14
Authors: Austin, R. G. (pseudonym used by multiple people)
Gelman, Rita Golden (uncredited)
Lamb, Nancy
Illustrator: Smith, Joseph A.
Date: May, 1984
ISBNs: 0671469770 / 9780671469771
0671624903 / 9780671624903
Length: 118 pages
Number of Endings: 19
User Summary: You go on vacation to visit your uncle and end up investigating various strange occurences with him.
Demian's Thoughts:

The stories told in this book are some of the best in the series, and it appears that some research went into the book. There are also instructions for testing your ESP. All in all, a nifty little book.

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Fireguard's Thoughts:

This book is somewhat reminiscent of Invasion of the Black Slime because of its subject matter, but less scary because you're actively seeking out the supernatural. I liked how it included instructions for testing your ESP (sort of like you might have seen being done at the beginning of Ghostbusters), but it seems strange because it's buried in one path and seems to be the end of said path, and it seems to me like something that should have been the first thing you do before getting to the adventures. All in all though, one of the better Which Way books.

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noonxnoon's Thoughts:

Another classic I have fond memories of as a kid.

Again, another three story Which Way book, touching on a variety of paranormal topics to create some vivid imagery and scare kids in a variety of ways! I think this book did have a few sub-plots for each story, so the book felt it had more to offer.

The storyline that I remember the most was the poltergeist investigations. While it seems absurd now to think about how the hostile young person could create a computer application that created a 'man-made poltergeist,' it was interesting as a kid trying to figure out if that was the case.

The ghost story had a few varieties... the dead pilot haunting the plane was intense... as well as the séance and as a kid thinking about stuff like that.

The ESP story was interesting as well, and you are requested to attempt to find a kidnapped child. It had some interesting choices, and it was fun to create the ESP cards. I recall a friend of mine and I using them to test our ESP powers... of which we both had none!

I recommend this book.

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Special Thanks:Thanks to Ken G. for the Perma-Bound cover scans.
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