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Space Raiders and the Planet of Doom

Series: Which Way Books #11
Author: Mooser, Stephen
Illustrator: Tomei, Gordon
Release Date: August, 1983
ISBN: 0671467328 / 9780671467326
Length:118 pages
Number of Endings:42
User Summary: You are an assistant working for a space salvage operation. While everyone else is away on vacation, two opportunities present themselves. You can attempt to prevent a huge explosion or you can battle space pirates. Either way, you may end up with lots of money!
Demian's Thoughts: This book features lengthier text than the rest of the series, but that doesn't stop it from having lots of twists and endings. There's nothing unusual here, but it's not a bad science fiction adventure.

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Lambchop - June '09 - Two copies. One is regular softcover in great shape, no damage. Other is hardbound exlibrary issue.Writing throughout. Even has libarary checkout envelope inside. Good beater reader. Prefer to trade for something on my wants list.
ntar - 3

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