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Item - Gnomes-100, Dragons-0

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Series: Catacombs Solo Quest — no. 2
Platform: Adobe Acrobat
Authors: Blashfield, Jean (F.)
Ward, James M.
Illustrators: Caldwell, Clyde (cover)
Easley, Jeff (interior)
Date: November, 1987
Kveto's Thoughts:

Another entry in the kind of odd Catacombs series, following up on the wildly complex Fairie Mound of Dragonkind, it is similar in that it feels like a random search for many macguffins, each room a separate encounter with empasis on the artwork. I didn't last long with this one as it features the irreverent humor I find vexing in this format. It is set in the Dragonlance world of Krynn so you can encounter Draconians and even the most famous villain Lord Soth from the series.

You play a gnome baker named Rye (yeah, that's the level of humour), who leads the comedy gnomes, who are steampunk mechanics, against the evil dragons. You get a mechanical armoured suit making you a discount Iron Man, and wacky hijinks ensue.

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