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Item - Chronicles 3: Dragons of Spring Dawning

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(Dragonlance Novels edition - original cover)
(Dragonlance Novels edition)
(Dragonlance Novels edition - reissue cover)

Combined Summary

Series: Dragonlance Novels — no. 3
Authors: Weis, Margaret (Baldwin)
Hickman, Tracy
Williams, Michael (poetry)
Illustrators: Elmore, Larry (original cover)
Stawicki, Matt (reissue cover)
Butler, Jeffrey (Jeff) (interior)
Dates: September, 1985 (Dragonlance Novels edition - original)
March, 1988 (Dragonlance Novels edition)
November, 1999 (Dragonlance Novels edition)
2000 (Dragonlance Novels edition - reissue)
October, 2002 (Dragonlance Novels edition - paperback)
ISBNs: 0786915897 / 9780786915897 (Dragonlance Novels edition - reissue)
0880381752 / 9780880381758 (Dragonlance Novels edition - original)
Product Codes: 21589 (Dragonlance Novels edition)
8302 (Dragonlance Novels edition)
Length: 382 pages (Dragonlance Novels edition)
Kveto's Thoughts:

The final part of the first Dragonlance trilogy brings the story to a suitably epic conclusion. We have the love triangle between Tanis, Laurana and Kitiara come to the forefront, as well as more mass combat battles, ala Return of the King. Fan favourite Raistlin also is pivotal. Thus ends the final good Dragonlance book.

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Known Editions

Dragonlance Novels edition
Dragonlance Novels edition (in The Dragonlance Chronicles Trilogy (Collector's Edition))
Dragonlance Novels edition (in The Annotated Chronicles)

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