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Item - Chronicles 1: Dragons of Autumn Twilight

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(Dragonlance Novels edition)
(Dragonlance Novels edition)

Combined Summary

Series: Dragonlance Novels — no. 1
Authors: Weis, Margaret (Baldwin)
Hickman, Tracy
Williams, Michael (poetry)
Illustrators: Elmore, Larry (cover)
Beauvais, Denis (interior)
Dates: November, 1984 (Dragonlance Novels edition)
March, 1988 (Dragonlance Novels edition)
November, 1999 (Dragonlance Novels edition)
October, 2002 (Dragonlance Novels edition - paperback)
ISBN: 0880381736 / 9780880381734 (Dragonlance Novels edition)
Product Code: 8300 (Dragonlance Novels edition)
Length: 447 pages (Dragonlance Novels edition)
Kveto's Thoughts:

This is not a gamebook, but several in the Super Endless Quest series are based on the world built from this series.

I read this book as a pre-teen in my formative years and for a while it was important to me. Looking back, I can see the flaws in the series, but it did a lot for epic questing and changing the style of D&D. I was surprised that the novels were based on the modules, which came out first.

This one is by far the best in the series, introducing the cast of characters and the world of Krynn. Overall the novel balances the multiple personalities well, introducing a large cast of characters. Big, dumb Caramon and his sinister brother Raistlin. Comedy relief from Flint the Dwarf and Tasselhoff the Kender. The dull leader Tanis and his why-would-she-bother-with-him girlfriend elven Princess Laurana.

A good read if you haven't read it before.

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Known Editions

Dragonlance Novels edition
Dragonlance Novels edition (in The Dragonlance Chronicles Trilogy (Collector's Edition))
Dragonlance Novels edition (in The Annotated Chronicles)

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