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Item - Chronicles 2: Dragons of Winter Night

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(Dragonlance Novels edition)

Combined Summary

Series: Dragonlance Novels — no. 2
Authors: Weis, Margaret (Baldwin)
Hickman, Tracy
Williams, Michael (poetry)
Illustrators: Elmore, Larry (cover)
Beauvais, Denis (interior)
Dates: April, 1985 (Dragonlance Novels edition)
March, 1988 (Dragonlance Novels edition)
November, 1999 (Dragonlance Novels edition)
October, 2002 (Dragonlance Novels edition - paperback)
ISBN: 0880381744 / 9780880381741 (Dragonlance Novels edition)
Product Code: 8301 (Dragonlance Novels edition)
Length: 399 pages (Dragonlance Novels edition)
Kveto's Thoughts:

This is the second of the epic Dragonlance novels, as it continues the party's adventures on the world of Krynn against the emerging threat of the Dragonlords. It is very much the Empire Strikes Back of the Dragonlance novels, as the party gets split into smaller groups and gains new allies. It also begins to expand upon the world as the different groups search for hidden dragon orbs.

Some of the important parts are replaced with poems, such as the party's encounter in the southern snowlands with the highlord, Fel-thas. And the elven princess Laurana, who was mostly a background character in the last novel, emerges as the true hero of the series.

While not as much fun as Dragons of Autumn Twilight, it does raise the stakes and makes the situation more bleak. Continuing the Empire analogy, it has a surprise reveal and ends on a rough, bleak note.

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Known Editions

Dragonlance Novels edition
Dragonlance Novels edition (in The Dragonlance Chronicles Trilogy (Collector's Edition))
Dragonlance Novels edition (in The Annotated Chronicles)

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