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Item - Where in Space is Carmen Sandiego?

Series: Carmen Sandiego — no. 7
Author: Peel, John
Illustrators: Vaccarello, Paul (cover)
Nez, John (interior)
Date: 1993
ISBN: 0307222071 / 9780307222077
Length: 170 sections
stonemason's Thoughts:

I don't really know what to think about this adventure. While the game system is quite good (it's not overly complicated, and you have to remember details you learned before, but there are no annoying random deaths. In fact, you can't die at all), the writing is pretty weird. I'm not sure whether to say "creative" or "atrocious" because I just can't make up my mind. First of all, you have to travel from planet to planet, learning things about the solar system in the process, while meeting lots of bizarre alien creatures who give you the clues. While the book could be considered a teaching tool (due to its insertion of many facts about the solar system into the writing and gameplay), most of the alien creatures in here are parodies of sci-fi stories such as Star Trek ("Spotty" and the "USS Undersized"), Star Wars ("Fluke Skysquawker" and "Bath Avoider"), 2001: A Space Odyssey ("VAL 9000"), et cetera. The book is also filled with aliens making "groaner" puns. This will provoke either laughter or groaning, depending on your sense of humor. For readers who are outside the target audience, the answer is most likely to be "groaning."

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