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Item - Legends 1: Time of the Twins

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Combined Summary

Series: Dragonlance Novels — no. 4
Authors: Weis, Margaret (Baldwin)
Hickman, Tracy
Williams, Michael (poetry)
Illustrators: Elmore, Larry (cover)
Valusek, Valerie A. (interior)
Dates: February, 1986 (Dragonlance Novels edition)
October, 1988 (Dragonlance Novels edition)
ISBN: 0880382651 / 9780880382656 (Dragonlance Novels edition)
Product Code: 8307 (Dragonlance Novels edition)
Length: 398 pages (Dragonlance Novels edition)
Kveto's Thoughts:

This is the first book in the follow-up trilogy to the wildly successful first Dragonlance trilogy. Unlike the previous series, which focused on a party of adventurers, this one focuses on the fighter, Caramon, in a quest to turn his twin brother, the evil mage Raistlin, from the dark path.

It's a really disappointing follow-up in most ways. You lose the interesting interaction between the characters by focusing on the slow-witted Caramon, one of the least interesting characters from the first series. It also lacks the action of the previous series as it is not based on a series of adventure modules but a story from the authors. The pace is slow, attempting to focus on character devolopment, but that was never a strong aspect of the series. It involves time travel back to the cataclysm, a historical event in the world of Krynn. The only interesting thing is the inclusion of the comic relief kender, Tasselhoff. But it's hard not to imagine fans of the original being disappointed with this change of pace.

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Known Editions

Dragonlance Novels edition (in The Annotated Legends)
Dragonlance Novels edition
Dragonlance Novels edition (in Dragonlance Legends (Collector's Edition))

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