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Item - Tales 1: The Magic of Krynn

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Kveto's Thoughts:

It's amazing what a big impact Dragonlance had on D&D and fantasy writing from the mid-1980s-to the early 90s. Demian's site here shows what a massive collection of spin-off material it inspired.

But it's equally interesting to see how quickly Dragonlance became forgotten. To be honest from the early 90s to the present almost nothing was heard of the brand (aside from a very forgettable animated film). It's like Dragonlance burst onto the scene like a fireball then almost instantly disappeared, leaving only a lot of old collections of stories like this.

This is a random smattering of short stories set on Krynn and/or involving Dragonlance characters. Some stories are decent, filling in missing stories like "Finding the Faith" or "Stone's Throw Away" while other's like "Blood Sea Monster" could be set in any fantasy setting. A generous look would say these authors are trying to add to the Dragonlance tapestry while a cynical one would say they were trying to jump on a hot property.

Your mileage may vary but I don't imagine much appeal for anyone not interested in the original series.

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