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Item - Grimrock Isle

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Series: Call of Cthulhu
Contents: Dove's Bay (Mini-Adventure)
Bleakmoore Cemetery (Mini-Adventure)
Thompson's Bridge (Mini-Adventure)
Palmer's Orchard (Mini-Adventure)
McKiernan's Lighthouse (Mini-Adventure)
Hutchin's Cave (Mini-Adventure)
The Book of Terrible Knowledge (Role-Playing Material)
Author: Szymanski, Michael
Illustrators: Jones, J. Wallace (cover)
Sanford Jr., Rodell D. (interior)
Raithel, Bob (interior)
Date: 1992
Product Code: 0002
User Summary: This adventure, dealing with mysterious events in the coastal town of Dove's Bay, is sold as a folder containing seven booklets and a variety of handouts. Six of the booklets contain solitaire-play entries for different locations, while the seventh offers notes for adapting the material to group play.
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