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Item - Paul Revere and the Boston Tea Party

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Series: Time Traveler — no. 5
Author: Kornblatt, Marc
Illustrator: Colón, Ernie
Date: September, 1987
ISBN: 0553155296 / 9780553155297
Length: 80 pages (plus instructions and data)
Number of Endings: 1
User Summary: Your mission is to visit the Boston Tea Party and retrieve one of the tomahawks used during the event.
Demian's Thoughts:

After being featured as a minor event in the first two books of this series, it's perhaps a little strange that the Boston Tea Party ended up getting a book of its own... But, redundancy aside, this is a decent adventure; the historical events and characters portrayed aren't glorified to the same distressing extent as those in much of the rest of the series, and everything is quite well balanced considering the target age group. The biggest flaw in the book is a single continuity error; at one point, you meet a character who recognizes you from an event which occurred earlier in time. The problem is that you only actually become involved in this event if you choose to go back and investigate it! In any case, this problem aside, I found the book enjoyable.

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