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Item - Justice League of America

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(American edition)
(British edition)
Series: Super Powers Which Way Books — no. 3
Author: Fleming, Robert Loren
Illustrator: Delbo, José
Date: November, 1984
ISBNs: 0552522570 / 9780552522571 (British edition)
0671475673 / 9780671475673 (American edition)
Length: 119 pages
Number of Endings: 45
User Summary: It seems like everything's going wrong at once; supervillains are simultaneously attacking Metropolis with giant bugs and hijacking the space shuttle Columbia!
Demian's Thoughts:

This rather minimalistically-written adventure allows the reader to follow the adventures of various members of the Justice League of America, all of which are full of the usual comic book silliness. It's really remarkably uninteresting, though the way all of the separate plot lines come together into one climactic battle is a fairly interesting bit of design work.

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DerekMetaltron's Thoughts:

More serious as a story compared to the Supergirl book I also owned, this Justice League adventure sees a team of Superman, Batman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Firestorm (who was the only character at the time reading this I didn't know something about) dealing with an invasion of Earth by major DC bad fella Darkseid. You can follow Superman and Flash in Metropolis fending off an attack by Mantis and his insectoid army, or Wonder Woman and Firestorm as they stop Darkseid's son Kalibak from crashing a space shuttle into the White House, or Batman as he attempts to rescue Green Lantern from Darkseid's home world of Apokolips.

As with other Which Way books, the book operates with multiple simpler story-lines rather than one with numerous paths, but this actually works well here as the story is telling different strands of a single adventure which can branch back into an confrontation with Darkseid and the whole team given the right path on each thread. Outside this, it's not overly memorable - you make a number of choices for different heroes about how to tackle the situations and go from there. To be fair, I wasn't especially knowledgeable about Darkseid and his friends at the time I read this (I was more into Batman's rogues and Superman's to a lesser extent for DC) so it might have gone over my head a little. There's some fun moments like Wonder Woman lassoing the space shuttle to stop it crashing and some nice accompanying pictures, but I think overall I preferred the Supergirl book, for all its weirdness. I do kind of wish I had managed to find the Batman and Superman books since I suspect I would have enjoyed those more.

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Fireguard's Thoughts:

I have to say that though I was a fan of the Superfriends in my youth and the Justice League TV show these last few years, this book doesn't do a lot for me. The author didn't seem sure about the characters' personalities or how some of their powers worked. The portrayal of Darkseid's Boom Tube will probably annoy DC fans, and who are they but the target audience? Perhaps a book about multiple superheroes was a bit too ambitious for the author's first effort.

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