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Item - Return of the Undead

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Translated Into: Vampyrens grav (Danish)
Xīxuèguǐ guī lái [吸血鬼歸來] (Chinese)
User Summary: While on vacation in Romania you stumble upon an old, seemingly abandoned manor. Can you destroy the vampire that lives within, or will you perish in the attempt?
Guillermo's Thoughts:

This book tells a very atmospheric horror story, as is typical of Allen Sharp. Defeating the vampire is not too difficult, but the book is still an engaging read.

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Special Thanks:Thanks to Robert Clay for the front cover image formerly used here (until replaced with a higher-resolution version), to Guillermo Paredes for the plot summary and current front cover image, and to Ken G. for the back cover image.
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Storytrails edition

Series: Storytrails no. 12
Item: Return of the Undead
Author: Sharp, Allen
Illustrator: Storey, John
Date: 1984
ISBN: 0521277094 / 9780521277099
Length: 90 pages (45 sections)
Number of Endings: 4

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